Missy Tuft

Hi! My name is Melissa Tuft, I am Founder and President of Pour into Houston. My heart has always rested heavy toward community members who are not well served or well represented. I firmly believe Jesus Christ died on the cross to wash us of our sins and give us an opportunity to live extraordinary lives serving His sons and daughters. There is no greater joy for me than witnessing grace, love, and service given so freely in my hometown of Houston and all of us at Pour into Houston are expectant and excited for what God has in store for us. A little bit about myself, my story is one of overcoming obstacles and relying on God faithfully to see me through and provide me with the strength to push forward. I was in clinical/hospital administration for 8 years where I started as a Medical Assistant and worked into a Project Management/Clinical Lead role. Having experienced hardship at a pivotal moment in my life when I was in my third year of college, then struggling with anxiety/depression I now have been gifted the ability to understand and love all of those around me much deeper and more intimately. I am confident in the tools God has provided me through each phase of my life, allowing me to take greater leaps while being fully prepared to fly with Him by my side. Running without music, reading books on Christianity, spirituality, and triumph, building new relationships, deep conversations, “Aha moments”, and black Labrador retrievers, are thing I enjoy and cherish. Serving without boundaries and uniting our communities has been a growing passion of mine for many years. Myself having to navigate the difficulties of seeking out help with minimal resources is a reminder that keeps the fire in my heart for this mission burning. I look forward to meeting many of you and sharing in the goodness that we pray God will provide Pour into Houston. 

Lizz Calderon
Co-Founder & VP of Programs
hello! I'm Lizz Calderon, Co-Founder and Director of Programs at Pour into Houston. I am so excited for the opportunity to join Pour Into Houston & watch how much it will grow & all the lives that will be touched! A little bit about myself: my family is everything to me, especially my awesome nephew! I really couldn't do life without their love & support! I'm a lover of books, art & running
I am a recent graduate of HBU Graduate school, received my Masters in Christian Counseling. I am so excited to continue working in the mental health field and providing individuals with the help & services they are in need of and to continue expanding my own knowledge & experience to be able to better serve those I work with!
Serving & helping people within the community has been a growing passion of mine. I'm so excited for the opportunities that will come with Pour Into Houston, especially the opportunities to provide mental health services to those in need. I believe everyone should be able to have the opportunity to receive resources and services that may help improve their lives & I hope to provide a sense of hope to people some areas I have focused on & I'm very passionate about include, working with teens & their families, increasing suicide prevention awareness within the community & individuals I come in contact with. also expanding my own knowledge in this specific area to better help and work with individuals & families. I'm also passionate about working with individuals with special needs & their families. I currently volunteer at my church in the special needs ministry and it's incredible & I have a history of working in the special needs department in Katy ISD.  I'm so eager to see what all Pour Into Houston will grow into, who all we get to serve & work with! The mental health field is a big & growing passion of mine, I love where God has led me to this past year, growing my experience in this field, the people I have worked with, and I'm looking forward to the many more ways I will be able to help & serve others
Alexandra LaFont
Marketing & Fundraising Chair 

Hello there! My name is Alexandra LaFont, I am Pour into Houston’s Marketing & Fundraising Chair. I am excited for the opportunity to serve our community here locally. Luke 6:38 “Give to others, and God will give to you. Indeed, you will receive a full measure, a generous helping, POURED into your hands- all that you can hold. The measure you use for others is the one that God will use for you.”

A little about me, I am a daughter of Christ, a wife of 8 years, and a mother to pugs. I received my BBA in 2010 from The University of Houston with a Major in Marketing and Minor in Sales. Over the course of my career, I have worked for several large companies and feel my experience with Marketing, sales, and work with local non-profits have prepared me and refined me for this role. Personally, Pour into Houston is something God has placed on my heart. We have so many in need here in our own backyard, why travel elsewhere when you can help your own neighbors?
Lisa Di Carlo

Hi! I am Lisa Di Carlo, Secretary for Pour into Houston. My inspiration for Pour Into Houston comes from my daughter, Melissa Tuft, whose passion has spilled over touching my own heart as well as many lives around her, encouraging others to lead their best life. 

I have always enjoyed meeting and engaging with people from all walks of life.  Serving my community as a broker associate with over twenty years of real estate experience throughout the Houston Area. Currently, I am with Coldwell Banker United in Katy, Texas. I grew up in Houston and graduated from The University of Texas at Austin with a BS in Radio Television Film.  My passions include music, golf, outdoor activities, college football, sailing, and my new grandson, Luca Emmanuel.  When possible, I enjoy attending Houston’s First Baptist at the loop and listening to Pastor Greg Matte. I continue to pursue my music passion alongside my band, Last Chance.  In 1992, I performed at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo with Willie Nelson and Clay Walker, it was an experience of a lifetime!

It’s easy to get on board when the leader is so passionate about serving others.  My profession as a realtor is about helping people in one aspect of their life, Pour into Houston is about helping people become who they aspire to be, leading a healthier, stable life…and to eventually pass on the passion of encouraging others to lead their best lives.

I look forward to serving as Secretary and truly believe Pour into Houston is an organization we can all rally behind!

Katharine Chesson

Hi ya’ll! My name is Katy Chesson, and I am the treasurer for Pour into Houston. I am a full time CPA and graduated from the University of Oklahoma in 2012, Boomer Sooner! I have experience in both oil and gas financial reporting and corporate tax compliance. When Melissa first approached me with her idea for Pour into Houston, I was not only incredibly amazed by her passion but also felt a strong pull to support her in any way possible. I had recently lost a sibling to suicide and was struggling trying to find a greater purpose hidden in the tragedy. God has provided me with this opportunity, within my field, to help a cause so close to my heart. I am so thankful for Melissa’s friendship, her faith, and most of all for thinking of me. I am so excited to get started and see where this takes us

Beau Tuft
Director of Policy & Procedure

Hello, my name is Beau Tuft, and I am a Director and General Counsel for Pour into Houston. I have witnessed firsthand how God's love heals the hearts and souls of His sons and daughters—by telling us exactly what we need to hear in that moment. He often does this through people like you and I that have spent time learning how to hear from Him. That is why I am beyond thrilled to be a part of this ministry.
I graduated from Westside High School, went to UH and then Texas State to play football, and came back to Houston for law school at South Texas. I spent the early part of my career in oil & gas, and now focus on advising small to medium sized companies on tax credits and incentives. To say I love this city and the people that live here would be an understatement. Nowhere in the world can you find a more divergent group of people living in such harmony. Our response to Hurricane Harvey was evidence of that, but the people of Houston still need help. Like Jesus said “Then those ‘sheep’ are going to say, ‘Master, what are you talking about? When did we ever see you hungry and feed you, thirsty and give you a drink? And when did we ever see you sick or in prison and come to you?’ Then the King will say, ‘I’m telling the solemn truth: Whenever you did one of these things to someone overlooked or ignored, that was me—you did it to me.’" (Matthew 25:37-40). God has blessed me with many gifts, and a story full of joys and sorrows—both of which He has used to draw me closer to Him—that I might be able to show His love to those whose hearts are ready. I believe that a cup of coffee or a meal (like BARBECUE) can be so much more than that for a couple people, if God is a part of it. That is why I have joined this mission, to be a part of something that demonstrates God's love to the overlooked and ignored.

Jordan Herrera
Volunteer Coordinator Chair

Hi there! My name is Jordan Herrera, and I am the Volunteer Coordinator Chair for Pour into Houston. I am thrilled at the opportunity to help bring others who share the same passion of helping people as I do onto our team of volunteers! I am a wife, a mother, and a daughter of Christ.  I am the lead patient representative and a customer experience ambassador at a prestigious hospital in the Houston area, and it is because of the nature of my job that I have a desire to help people who are less fortunate get the care they need. I cannot wait to witness the positive change that will happen in our communities through this non-profit and see what Pour into Houston will grow into! Stay tuned!

Monica McDermott
LPC Chair
Ericka Graham

Ericka is the President and Co-Founder of Project 88 Foundation, an organization dedicated to connecting underserved students to Opportunity. She started the organization after moving to Houston with her husband, who was drafted in the 2010 NFL Draft to play for the Houston Texans. While in Houston, Ericka completed a Masters program at Rice University, taught High School English and College Readiness at a low-income high school in Houston, and eventually established Project 88 Foundation in 2014. Since then, Project 88 has raised over 1 million dollars and continues to grow and serve Houston students—helping them to prepare for productive, healthy and successful futures.

Ken Williams

Ken Williams brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to the Advisory Board of Pour into Houston. Ken’s career includes managing banks in California, serving as the Manager of Customer Service/Tech Support for Jiffy Lube International and was the Director of Parts and Service for the nation’s largest RV consignment dealer. He has also led IT bank audit teams and most recently was the Chief Operating Officer for a prominent Houston personal injury attorney. Ken is a Certified Internal Controls Auditor, Certified Information Systems Risk and Compliance Professional and holds certifications in Six Sigma. Ken and his wife Pebble are the Founders of The Goo Group (www.thegoogroup.com), an organization designed to assist churches and organizations with handling the logistical support for mission trips and retreats. He will serve on the Advisory Board in the role of Human Resources, Risk and Compliance.