Jonathon Collins, LPC-I

Specialty: Substance Addictions, Processor Addictions (Technology, Video Games, Pornography, Gambling), Anxiety, Depression, Personality Disorders, Adjustment Issues, Family, Couples, Individual, Vocational, Anger Management, Domestic Violence. (Works with CPS)

Modality: CBT/Eclectic
Age: 5 & up
Days of Week: Friday noon -8PM & Saturday- noon-6PM *Fri Pref (Monday beginning February)



Friday: 12-8PM

Saturday: 12-6PM

Makeba Terrell, LPC-I

Specialty: marriage, couples, family, relationship, anxiety, depression, trauma, group Modality: CBT/eclectic
Days of Week: Tuesday Wednesday Thursday 5PM-8PM Friday 2-5PM
Ages: 17& up



Tuesday: 5-8PM

Wednesday: 5-8PM

Thursday: 5-8PM

Friday: 2-5PM

Lisa Gutierrez, LPC

Specialty: vocational (adjusting to employment with disability), adjustment to disability

(special needs), anxiety, depression, grief, group

Modality: CBT/Reality & Solution Focused/Eclectic

Days of Week: Monday Tuesday 7PM-8PM
Ages: 17&up



Monday: 7-9PM

Tuesday: 7-9PM

Renee Salinas, LPC-I

Specialty: Family, special needs, individual, group, anxiety, depression, grief

Modality: Solution Focused, CBT, systems therapy

Days of Week: Thurs Fri 5-8PM Sat 10AM-5PM Sun 10AM-5PM Ages: 3 & up



Thursday: 5-8PM

Friday: 5-8PM

Saturday: 10AM-5PM

Sunday: 10AM-5PM

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